student visa extension in australia

If you want to Visa extension in Australia, you can search a few various options based on what kind of visa you get and the purpose or reason for the extension of your visa. It is common for people to visit Australia as a tourist and enjoy their stay so much that they would love to stay longer. The Australian Visitor Visa permits you to stay in the country as a sightseer without taking up employment, usually for a set period. It is also ideal for business visitors.

The Visitor visa is usually available for 3, 6, or 12 months. Some holders of this visa can extend the duration of their visa after they arrive in Australia. You can also implement for a new visa if you are on an ETA Visa or an e-Visitor.


While the visa application isn’t complicated, you must follow it correctly. If you desire to extend the Australian student visa, read on as we describe what you require to do to stay in the country and continue your adventure!

There are four outlines where you might require to extend your visa: 

  • a new course of study
  • an extended research application
  • you have already submitted your post-graduation thesis, but your visa expires before your marking
  • your course has been extended for some purpose, and your visa expires before you’ll complete it.

Presently, there is no automatic extension of a student visa in Australia. However, if your visa is expiring and your course has been extended, you’ll require a way to stay in the country legally. You have two choices:- You can apply for a student visa again or apply for a visitor visa.

In Australia, to increase your student visa, you have to apply for a new visa before the current terminates. If not, you have a risk of being deported, and it may affect the outcome of your future visa applications.

So, don’t delay. Apply with lots of time to put your paperwork together and to allow for processing time up to three months is recommended. 

If you have any questions regarding the visa extension, you can contact us.

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