Professional year IT in Melbourne – Professional year program is a practical pathway from college as well as universities to the companies that the international graduates are job-ready. It provides a student with some formal education as well as practical work experience. Thus, if you want keys to get success, then continuous learning and personal development is the answer. Therefore, that is the reason Orange Global encourages you to sign up for our professional year IT in Melbourne course so you can boost up your employability through valuable work experience, enhance your skills and understand Australia’s workforce culture. Here, we ensure you that after completing your graduation you can get equipped with all the necessary skills to become job-ready in the competitive Australian workplace.


Professional year IT in Melbourne

What are the benefits of our Professional year IT in Melbourne Course –

The Information Technology industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia. It creates a lot of job opportunities but makes the competition tougher than ever. Therefore, a 44-week program develops by the Australian computer society (ACS) to address the shortage of qualified IT professionals in the country. Thus, candidates can approach us for Professional Year IT in Melbourne, Professional Year Accounting in Melbourne as well as Professional year engineering in Melbourne for a better future career ahead. However, a candidate will be benefited in various ways after the Professional year IT in Melbourne course completion.

1. You can get an idea about professional communication or workflow in the Australian corporate culture
2. Our internship will increase your practical skills as well as boost your employment chances in Australia
3. You can gain the precious work experience in the reputed Australian organization
4. The student will entitle to 5 points under-skilled occupation set by the Department of Home affairs
5. You will get professional year program certificate
6. The student will receive an ongoing career option after the completion of the program

Get Improve your chances of becoming a permanent resident in Australia.

Eligibility criteria –

1. A Candidate must have completed an IT degree from the recognized university or college in Australia
2. Candidate must have applied for a visa with 12 months of validity
3. Either student has to score 6 bands in IELTS Test and with 5 scores on all the bands. Or PTE score of 50 overall or minimum 36 scores across all the bands

Hence, we can say that this program can be beneficial for professional IT students looking to complete a degree in Australia. In this way, you would be able to grow professionally.

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