Overseas Health Cover

Getting and holding a valid Health Insurance is a strict obligation from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Despite being a temporary resident or a student, all individuals traveling to Australia for an extended period must have a Health Insurance cover. There are many providers you can choose from to tailor your health cover to your medical and financial needs.

Overseas Visitor Cover (OVC) - Suitable for Visa 457 & 485

You must have health insurance for you and any family members included in the same visa application. You must make adequate arrangement for health insurance to have 457 visas. You have to switch your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) to an Overseas Visitors Cover (OVC) for Temporary Graduate visa 485 before your OSHC expires.

Short Stay Visitors Cover

Suitable for working holiday and non-working visas 417, 462, 476, 600, 601 and more…

If you are visiting Australia to work temporarily, you may want to choose the Short Stay Visitors Cover. It helps to assure you will be covered for the cost of medical treatment if you get sick or have an accident during your stay in Australia.

Here at Orange Global, we are affiliated with many health insurance providers, and we can aid you in the selection of the right provider for your needs.

Some of the Health Insurance Providers

BUPA Health Insurance









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