Australia Tourist Visa for Canada – Australia’s is the world’s smallest continent but it is the 6th largest country in the world. It is located between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, and it is a dreamland for maximum tourists. It is one of the most travel destinations in the world. No matter whether you like road trips, clubbing or camping there is something for everyone here. However, the country’s culture, exotic restaurants, and its natural beauty will make people never leave this continent. The economy of Australia is also a well-developing focus on IT, Education as well as Tourism.

Australia Tourist Visa for CanadaThus, if you are a Canada citizen or you want to visit for leisure work, visiting friends and families, medical treatment or permanent residency? You need a valid Australia Tourist Visa for Canada which knows as Electronic Travel Authority Visa (ETA).

Electronic Travel Authority Visa | Australia Tourist Visa for Canada –

Electronic Travel Authority Visa or subclass 601 visa allows visiting Australia as many times as you want in a year. However, by using this visa you can stay here for a maximum of 3 months and then you have to return to Canada and visit again. Generally, there is no visa applications charge for an ETA. Although $20 you have to pay for online applications only.

Required Documents for Australian visitor visa –

1. Original passport along with the scan copy of the passport
2. Recent passport size photograph
3. Documents related to the purpose of visit
4. In the case of the students’ evidence of the enrolment in the institution, they are studying should also provide as proof that they will return to their country after the completion of the course

Our visa process for Australia is simple, intuitive and for travelers –

1. One application form – We will never ask you to repeat forms multiple times. All the data you entered will store in our database even if you apply for a different visa.
2. Efficient and secure ecosystem – Everything from start to finish is done at our Centre with no wastage of time and instant visa process.
3. Built and powered by frequent travelers – Orange Global Company is the leading immigration consultant in Melbourne; we treat every single visa for Australia application like our own.

Thus, if you are Canadian and planning to visit Australia then contact Orange Global for Australia Tourist visa for Canada. Our experts’ counselors can help you with all the paperwork, the process of visa as well as application.

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